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Wondered how well you sleep - if you are getting enough quality sleep?

Like monitoring heart rate during exercise, monitoring how you breath during sleep can give powerful insights into your performance.

Sleep3z offers:

Personalised Sleep Profile - a portal for storing your sleep data for comparing between assessments and for logging what works and what doesn't for you

Hour by hour assessment

See how your sleep is effected each and every hour. Giving you the ability to identify if your pre-sleep routine makes you restless, or whether your restlessness is continuous through the night.

Compare between family members

Re-assess yourself or help family members assess themselves and compare sleep profiles. 3z can be reapplied over a 72 hour period. Improve the quality of sleep for you and your loved ones.

3z Sensor


 The best sleep insight product on the market 


Revolutionary Sleep Sensor

  • Delivering unparalleled insights into quality of sleep

  • Measures the mechanics of breathing

  • Simple and comfortable sensor

  • Leveraging the latest respiratory technology

  • Personalised sleep profile

How it works


 See what 3z can do for you! 


Cutting Edge Sleep Insights

3z is a revolutionary new personalised sleep assessment device that gives powerful insights into your quality of sleep including:

  • Disruptions per hour

  • Body Position

  • Activity Level

  • Respiratory Rate

  • Open your 3z

    3z comes ready to use - just remove from the packaging

  • Read instructions

    3z has simple to follow instructions

  • Stick it on

    Place 3z onto the side of your chest

  • Sleep Well

    Have a great night sleep

  • Take a look

    Wake up and review your sleep assessment - share and compare your insights with your loved ones.

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